Apologies for the delay in updating my errorsafe page. Will try to do it more often — found a whopping 5 new scams this past month! Check out the page here. Added details for five ads with sketchy code embedded in them: Flycell.com, How2Vacation.com, nCyber iPod, Speedbit.com & eDiets.com. Some screencaps of the creatives below… check the page for actionscript and full flash files:



eDiets Screenshot


Fkycell Screenshot

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  • http://msmvps.com/spywaresucks Sandi Hardmeier

    Hi Mike,

    Do you have network captures for these incidents? What advertising networks are those behind winfixer using? We’ve been putting in a lot of effort (with success) to clean up various ad networks by giving the powers that be undisputable evidence of problems and I’d appreciate any information you can share.

    Sandi Hardmeier