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So the IAB just added two new ad-units to their “Ad Unit Guidelines”. Quoting from the email I just received:

The IAB’s Ad Sizes Working Group released two new ad sizes as part of the IAB’s Ad Unit Guidelines. Please click here to view the new sizes. The industry is invited to comment on the additions for 30 days, beginning today and ending July 6, 2007. Please submit comments to ******* (removed email so that she doesn’t get spammed).

Want to know what they are? 300×100 (huh?) and the spanking brand new 720×300 popunder! Humm… haven’t publishers been running pop-unders in vast numbers for years now?

More details here

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  • Bennett Zucker

    A little context might help …
    The fabled first clickable banner ad – an AT&T or Zima ad on in October 1994 – measured 468×60 because it was a size that seemed to fit the page on which it was hard coded. Many different ad sizes followed – and confused much of the market – until the IAB published voluntary guidelines in 1996. The Universal Ad Package guidelines have been updated periodically since to include new types of interactivity, new formats, as well as new sizes.

    As slight as the two recent additions may seem, you should know that a whole bunch of publishers, networks, advertisers and other interested parties weighed in on a fairly lengthy list of possible additions to the guidelines. The goal is to continue to develop the guidelines in a way that encourages innovation and growth of the industry as a whole. In spite of popunders being around for years, many in the industry consider them bad for user experience and, therefore, worthy of banishment!

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