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My girlfriend pointed me to a great ad today while she was browsing a discussion board. “Tickle the fat kid till he barfs!”. Check it out:

For those of you reading through readers, here are the frame by frame screenshots (gotta read the post for the full flash effect, including the peeing of the pants and the end barf…). In case you’re wondering how these make money, read my Punch the Monkey post.

Frame 1 — Pretty cute kid!

Frame 2 — Uhoh… did he just pee himself?

Frame 3 — … ready?

Frame 4 — ACTION!!

Wondering why people run these ads? Exactly for this reason — it’s too difficult NOT to tickle him, and then hopefully on the landing page you’ll give up some personal information and maybe even go for a free iPod.

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  • Camille ze TICKLE THE FAT KID no#1 FAN!!!

    oh my GOD i luv this thing… soo grosss… reminds me of my brother in a way….

  • Real tickle the fat kid!

    go on to its a betta one u actually get to tickle the fat kid but then somthing scary happens!!!

  • the fat kid

    OMG, cool, how can i save just that ad, and not the whole page?

  • Mike

    Try, Tools -> Page Info on Firefox. You can save individual elements of a page from there.

  • unknown

    that is stupid!!!

    but funny

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