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I apologize for the lack of posts the past two weeks but I’ve been busy wrapping some things up at work. Today was my last day at Right Media. It’s been an absolutely terrific ride watching the company grow from 40 to 200+ to an acquisition by Yahoo. I wish everyone at Right Media and Yahoo the best of luck. I haven’t solidified my plans for what’s next yet but I’ll be sure to update everyone once I have!

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  • Ed K

    Rock on, and best of luck to you Mike! You will be missed.


  • Sandi

    Congrats Mike… just promise me you’re not going to anybody associated with Adbrite ;)

  • Nicole

    Best wishes, Scmoopie. Thanks for everything the past two years. Without you and COT, I wouldn’t have made it through my first 6 months at RM. And the last year and a half you were just as solid. I’ll miss you!

  • Alex H.

    Great posts. Keep up the good commentary. Hard to find intelligent discussion of online ad issues.

    And you still owe me a drink (or vice versa – can’t remember).