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If you haven’t already, you must read this post by Fred Wilson which summarizes a recent Comscore whitepaper Whiter The Click?.

I’m not going to re-summarize the paper as Fred’s post already does that. The findings are clear — display has a significant impact on consumers which is often not shown by clicks alone. Check out the graph:

This means that if you aren’t tracking (and billing!) on this behavior on performance based campaigns you are leaving some serious money on the table!

Question of the day — who’s got a good technology to track this?

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  • Ad Traders

    Good stuff.

    ClearSaleing is trying to do this. As is Microsoft with its engagement mapping. I’m sure there are others. Obviously, this is great news for advertising exchanges selling display.

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  • Abdultacos

    I work in a media agency and having deals with multiple networks at the same time, unless someone works out a way of deciding what %age of a conversion should be attributed to any of the various ad networks I’m not going to agree to pay each network for what is probably a duplicated conversion claim…

    Any user may have seen the ad 3 times from 3 ad networks, clicked the last time, and I will have 2 networks claiming a view-through and 1 claiming a click-through.

    If I use a 3rd party adserver, I will get discrepencies and un-ending reconciliation discussions with the networks about conversions on CPA buys.