I’ve created a page on errorsafe: Read it here.

This is a page that anyone involved with online advertising should read — including ad networks, site owners, portals and anybody else who is interested.


UPDATE: Seems wordpress doesn’t put ‘pages’ in the feed, so I will track updates both on the page and here. If you are interested in errorsafe updates simply subscribe to the feed and watch this post.

Updates to Errorsafe Page

2007-03-24: Page Created
2007-03-25: Added cannis.org “Work and live in Canada” ads, with creative that has unobfuscated actionscript.
2007-03-27: Added actionscript for Matchservice creative
2007-04-05: Get Safe Online scam
2007-04-06: Added sports betting tips fake ad
2007-04-18: Added traveltray.com, xing.com and thinkindie.com
2007-04-23: Added getfreecar.com, and web.com

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