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Announcing AppNexus

June 29th, 2008

Going through my blog I realized that I never added even the slightest bit of info here about my new venture. Part of the reason was it took us forever to get a proper website up and running. Well, we’re 9 months in and finally have a public presence, so I thought it’d be a good time to blog about it.

In September of 2007 I co-founded AppNexus together with Brian O’Kelley. AppNexus is a virtualized global cloud computing platform specifically tailored for online advertising applications. The nature of advertising, having tags spread around hundreds if not thousands of sites, means that most companies in our industry deal with many millions, if not billions of requests every single day. The SLAs that our customers place on those requests can be incredibly strict — generally requiring not only high performance serving & load-balancing infrastructure but also that said infrastructure is spread out globally to reduce the latency to end-users. Even worse, traffic can fluctuate greatly from day to day depending on the media-buys and campaigns that are running at that moment.

Using our API tools & services our customers can roll-out an application across multiple datacenters in minutes versus the many months it normally takes to secure data center contracts, order & install hardware, configure the core network & servers and configure & deploy redundant network providers & global load-balancing. Of course our cloud works for more than just advertising — it’s great for analytics & gaming as well. Anything where you need a low-latency environment (both between servers & the end-users with geographic redundancy).

Interested? Check out our website, our wiki, shoot me an email ( or or contact our sales team (

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