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On Scale Webinar!

October 1st, 2011

I gave a tech-talk on scalability a few months back and due to popular demand will be doing it as a two-part webinar this coming Thursday the 6th and Wednesday the 11th the week after! Details below…

AppNexus CTO Mike Nolet on Scale – A Two-Part Webinar Series

AppNexus co-founder and CTO Mike Nolet will be presenting a two-part series on scalability and ad serving. He’ll lead interactive discussions on how AppNexus built a global infrastructure to manage 14+ billion ads/day, with a deep dive into how AppNexus handles this volume, collects the data, aggregates it and then distributes both log and real-time data back to our customers.

In part one, Ad Serving at Scale, Mike will discuss:

– Designing the core infrastructure for AppNexus’ global cloud platform.
– Load balancing (global/local) 300,000 QPS
– AppNexus’ tech stack and how we manage this scale.
– No-SQL / key-value stores and building a global cookie store with over 1.5 billion keys 150,000 write requests/second.

In part two, Data Aggregation at Scale, Mike will cover:

– Bringing 10TB of data a day back to a single location, 24/7/365.
– Aggregating 10TB of data a day to generate a simple single report for our clients.
– Leveraging technologies like Netezza, Hadoop, Vertica and RabbitMQ to provide top notch data products to our customers.

To register for Part 1: Ad Serving at Scale, on Thursday, October 6th at 11am-12:30PM EST, click here:

To register for Part 2: Data Aggregation at Scale, on Wednesday, October 12th from 11am-12:30pm EST, click here:

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