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Saw this John McCain ad on a random blog this evening:

Reminds me greatly of the giveaways you normally see on myspace… seems they forgot to leave out the “get a free lecture on public policy!!”.

Landing pages even look the same — a simple form with a ZIP & email. I wonder if they’ll sell my email address for $2.00 and use my Zip for later retargeting later.

What’s interesting though is that it looks like the McCain campaign is doing some serious remarketing on “clickers”. There are pixels there for the Right Media Exchange,’s Leadback and Atlas!

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  • Cam

    You should be trafficking your Adsense into DMX, good sir.

  • Mike

    lol — but then I get more crappy giveaways =P

  • kristin

    OMG this is so funny and yet SOOO true